Naturies Sa Collagen Peptide Drink 30*10mg sachet

Naturies Sa Collagen Peptide Drink 30*10mg sachet
03 Jun 2021 / by nAdmin


Name: Sialic Acid Collagen Peptide Liquid

Product Origin: New Zealand

Product Packaging: 10mL/sachet, 30 sachets/box

Ingredients: Water, collagen peptide, blueberry concentrate, blood orange concentrate, sorbitol, sialic acid.


Take 10-20mL (1-2 sachets) once a day.


  • Extract N-acetylneuraminic acid from swiftlet saliva coagulants to promote deep nourishment.
  • Use New Zealand pollution-free deep-sea salmon skin as raw material
  • Use low temperature triple to extract collagen oligopeptide powder (180-500 Dalton) which can be directly absorbed.
  • Use quadruple nourishing formula, which is rich in blueberry concentrate and blood orange concentrate containing Vitamin C and anthocyanin to effectively fight free radicals and delay skin aging.
  • Refreshing taste, delicious and nutritious coexistence.
  • Liquid form of strip packaging, which is easy to carry at any time.


  • Age-related aging, fine lines.
  • Aging and roughness caused by ultraviolet light.
  • Aging caused by environmental pollution.
  • Dull, sallow color caused by stress.