Naturies Ginseng Pomegranate Cherry Drink 30*10mg sachet

Naturies Ginseng Pomegranate Cherry Drink 30*10mg sachet
03 Nov 2021 / by nAdmin


Name: Ginseng Pomegranate Cherry Drink

Product Origin: New Zealand

Product Packaging: 10mL/sachet, 30 sachets/box

Ingredients: Water, ginseng extract, pomegranate concentrate, acerola cherry concentrate.


Take 10-20mL (1-2 sachets) once a day.


  • Strictly select preferred raw materials, use modern production equipment to ensure products’ quality.
  • Use advanced cold extraction technology and low temperature extraction technology to retain fresh ginseng activity and nutrient.
  • Extract ginseng extract at 500:1, high content of saponins to ensure high efficiency, Nourish blood for good complexion.
  • Extract pomegranate extract at 300:1 to brighten young muscle and keep young vitality.
  • Extract acerola cherry at 100:1, rich in vitamin C, whitening skin, Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging.
  • Liquid form of strip packaging, which is easy to carry at any time.


  • People with weak constitution and fatigue.
  • People with tarnished skin, high work pressure, internal points.
  • Women with unbalanced hormone.