Naturies Field Thistle & Dandelion 60*1200mg tablets

Naturies Field Thistle & Dandelion 60*1200mg tablets
04 Jun 2021 / by nAdmin


Name: Field Thistle and Dandelion Complex Tablets (Tablet candy)

Product Origin: New Zealand

Product Packaging: 1200mg/tablet x 60 tablets/bottle

Ingredients: Concentrated field thistle powder, xylitol, sorbitol, concentrated dandelion powder, microcrystalline cellulose.


Take 1-2 tablets once a day with meal or water.

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  • New Zealand wild, pollution-free artichoke as raw materials, raw materials natural.
  • High content, high concentration: extract juice from thistle stems and leaves by column method to ensure high activity and promote liver cell repair and regeneration, liver protection effect Fruit is good.
  • Formula with dandelion extract that eliminates blood and liver toxins.


  • Long-term excessive smoking and drinking, work pressure, high strength Degree worker.
  • Hepatitis B, fatty liver, Cirrhosis, alcoholic liver, jaundice.
  • Impaired liver function, liver and gallbladder disorders.