Naturies Evening Primrose Oil 100*1350mg tablets

Naturies Evening Primrose Oil 100*1350mg tablets
18 May 2021 / by nAdmin


Name: Evening Primrose Oil  Soft Capsule

Product Origin: New Zealand

Product Packaging: 1350mg/capsule x 100 capsules/bottle

Ingredients: Evening primrose oil, gelatin, glycerin. Each capsule contains 1000mg of evening primrose, γ—Linolenic acid 224mg


Adults: take 2 capsules once a day with meal.

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  • Source: Natural quality evening primrose oil.
  • Each grain contains 224mg γ -linolenic acid, the highest content of similar products.

Use low temperature extraction and three-layer filtration technology, the purity reached: 99.99%.

  • Free of bran, dairy, yeast, artificial colors, flavours and preservatives.


  • Abnormal skin oil secretion, dry or wet skinRash.
  • Obese people caused by endocrine disorders.