Naturies Deer Bizzle & Ginseng & Maca Soft Gel 60 * 700mg tablet

Naturies Deer Bizzle & Ginseng & Maca Soft Gel 60 * 700mg tablet
18 May 2021 / by nAdmin


Name: Deer whip, Ginseng & Maca Soft Gel Capsule

Product Origin: New Zealand

Product Packaging: 700mg/capsule x 60 capsules/bottle

Ingredients: Deer whip, ginseng, deer tail essence, oyster, goji berry, maca extract,

gelatin, glycerin, water.


Take 2 capsules with meal or water, or as directed by your health professionals.

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  • Use deer bizzle as raw material under the supervision of strict inspection and quarantine system.
  • Adopt ion nutrient separation technology, according to 500:1 super concentration ratio to extract deer bizzle.
  • Ginseng is extracted according to the super concentrated ratio of 300:1, and maca is extracted according to 300:1 super concentrated ratio extraction.
  • Scientific formula based on deer bizzle, ginseng, deer tail, oyster, Chinese wolfberry and maca make the deer bizzle more effective.
  • After ultra-low temperature and ion separation, only effective nutrients are remained.
  • No other useless ingredients of animal origin, and there will be no side effects of hotness.


  • Men who need kidney supplementation.
  • Men with weak constitution, fatigue easily, back pain.
  • Men with decreased sexual function.